The first facial recognition software layer designed for mental health treatment and management.

At MoodMap our mission is to help you understand your medication, nootropics and symptoms with minimal additional effort. Combining the technology around you to make let you see the difference - simply.

Understanding yourself can be a difficult journey

Moodmap was inspired from the experience of managing ADHD. Managing these conditions is shown to be a highly manual and not technology-led, but we're here to help change that.

  • Your automatic MoodMap

    Moodmap looks at your device use to give you a new vantage point in understanding your emotions and attention over time.

    Test out our example Moodcompass!
  • A new way to understand the substances you consume and the activities you do

    Exercise, substances, meditation. Understand how they may be changing your attention and mood and ADHD symptoms. Begin to see how they change any symptoms you may have.

  • Notifications and Rewards

    We'll remind you to take care of yourself, and you'll be rewarded for doing so. Why? Because maintaining habits is hard, especially if you have ADHD, but the long-term benefits are huge.

For researchers,

Moodmap is looking to collaborate with researchers interested in understanding the affect of different substances, like Ritalin, Marijuana, and measuring there effectiveness with multi-modal ML algorithms.

  • Moodmap's Compass and Moodmap itself

    Our Chrome Extension analyses users computer usage to build a model of their attention and mood. This is then combined with our desktop and mobile application to create useful inputs from users and custom data analytics and visualizations.

  • MoodVault (Coming Soon)

    Desktop Application which creates a more meaningful understanding of symptoms for our users as they work, and give them more autonomy over their data.

Moodmap's vision of the future is one where medication efficacy is measured, and the tools necessary to achieve that are accessible for both researchers and individuals.

Leading too:

Better understanding of the efficacy of medications and substances
Accurately measure the symptoms of ADHD and other related illnesses
First of its kind
Moral integrity and transparency in how we manage your data, built into the product from ground zero

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